Not one, but two government ministers took time out of their busy schedules to speak about what truly matters: how the planet must be saved with ‘sustainable projects’.

Julia Farrugia Portelli and Miriam Dalli said the government was putting your money where its mouth is and supporting voluntary organisations in their effort to realise the dream of carbon neutrality and climate security.

They are giving NGOs €50,000 to save the world.

The cost of the press conference announcing this earth-rescuing initiative will not be recovered from the €50,000 budget because not much would be left for anything else. Press conferences to announce each beneficiary project, a press visit to each project half-way through its development, and another press conference for each project when the money runs out, will also be funded separately out of the undeclared €500,000 budget to market the €50,000 initiative.

The carbon footprint of the press events will alone drive planetary temperatures up by 0.3 degrees.

As long as they’re sustainable.

Tomorrow they will announce a donation of €7.37 to the Mayor of Jerusalem to resolve the Middle East conflict. Three ministers will attend.