Court order implemented: Nadine Lia replaced on Repubblika challenge on Pilatus police failures

2022-11-14T13:26:24+01:00Mon, 14th Nov '22, 13:26|

Two days from now a different magistrate will be hearing Repubblika’s arguments why Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà failed to act properly on evidence documented in a magistrate’s inquiry into Pilatus Bank. The new magistrate hearing the case is Claire Stafrace Zammit who replaces Nadine Lia who was removed from the case after the constitutional court [...]

Feeding cancer

2022-11-14T12:58:42+01:00Mon, 14th Nov '22, 09:49|

Let’s not reduce the absurdity of Charles Polidano iċ-Ċaqnu’s sense of entitlement to Orwellian ovine oversimplifications of PN good Labour bad. He is one of the best cases for the argument that our political and democratic system is compromised by its dependence on construction tycoons whether because political parties and candidates depend on their funding [...]

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