The other Victoria

2022-11-08T03:26:16+01:00Mon, 7th Nov '22, 16:22|

The attorney general, Victoria Buttigieg, will tomorrow morning have to take the stand and answer Repubblika’s questions on her decision not to prosecute Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad and other people indicated by a magisterial inquiry for having committed crimes at and through Pilatus Bank. In another piece after another decision on another front of this [...]

When you lie twice

2022-11-07T12:22:36+01:00Mon, 7th Nov '22, 12:22|

Some weeks ago, a constitutional court was confronted with two versions of a single set of facts. One of the versions was expressed in a magistrate’s decree and the other contrasting version of the same facts was given to the upper court by one of the parties appearing before the same magistrate in a lower [...]

George Vella forever

2022-11-07T13:42:19+01:00Mon, 7th Nov '22, 11:39|

Robert Abela swept away his interviewer’s suggestion that he may consider nominating Lawrence Gonzi as the next president. The interviewer asked if the PM would consider “making” Gonzi president. Robert Abela should have seen through the trick question but it was too smart for him. Nowhere in our constitution is the power of “making” the [...]

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