The man who missed it

2022-11-16T11:19:18+01:00Wed, 16th Nov '22, 10:32|

Alfred Zammit, not the Mayor of Valletta but the little-known mandarin pottering away at the Financial Intelligence Agency, has risen to the top. It’s a place he’s been close to for many years, living through the organisation’s infancy and the coming and going of different directors. In between other directors he was ‘acting boss’, the [...]

Ian Borg canvasser is one of TM officials in video of beating

2022-11-16T09:42:45+01:00Wed, 16th Nov '22, 09:42|

Rene Antonelli from former Transport Minister's constituency of Dingli is one of the TM officials seen beating a motorist in a video published yesterday by Lovin Malta of an incident that reportedly happened on 26 October. Antonelli was handpicked by Ian Borg to work in the enforcement unit of Transport Malta. Sources at the agency [...]

Institutional violence

2022-11-16T13:35:24+01:00Wed, 16th Nov '22, 09:25|

Facts on the 26 October beating of a motorist by Transport Malta officers revealed yesterday when a video of the incident was published by Lovin Malta are still sparse. Except that we know it happened because we can see a film of it. Lovin Malta described the victim as “dark skinned”. Combined with the fact [...]

#occupyjustice: The spider’s web of corruption

2022-11-16T08:37:12+01:00Wed, 16th Nov '22, 08:37|

Statement by #occupyjustice: Last night, #occupyjustice activists set up an illuminated spider’s web outside Castille,  with some of the main protagonists of some of the worst corruption scandals that have been exposed over the past few years depicted as spiders. The visual is intended to communicate how a gang of corrupt individuals infiltrated [...]

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