Court of Appeal to hear Repubblika’s case on Nadine Lia with urgency

2022-11-24T11:20:03+01:00Thu, 24th Nov '22, 11:20|

The Constitutional Court of Appeal has ordered that Repubblika’s complaint that Nadine Lia’s refusal to recuse herself in the hearing of the organisation’s complaint against Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà is heard urgently by the Constitutional Court. The decision came after the State Advocate successfully appealed a decision of the Constitutional Court to re-assign the case [...]

Breaching her right to live

2022-11-24T10:47:32+01:00Thu, 24th Nov '22, 10:44|

The more we learn of the last months of Bernice Cassar’s life the clearer it becomes that the institutions and agencies directly responsible to protect her life failed to do their job and breached her very right to live. Times of Malta today gave more details of hours spent waiting at police headquarters, reports filed [...]

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