LONG READ: Stuck in the middle with you

2022-11-02T12:58:26+01:00Wed, 2nd Nov '22, 11:53|

In September 2013, I had been out of government for 6 months. My last job in government was as head of secretariat for the transport minister. I wasn’t myself the transport minister but after him I was perhaps the face best known for the hiccupy bus reform. Until then, and for a long time after, [...]

Ethics by lowest common denominator

2022-11-02T10:26:30+01:00Wed, 2nd Nov '22, 10:26|

Let’s not conflate the determination on whether Robert Brincau did really point a gun at an ambulance driver over a dispute on which ambulance service was to transport someone who took ill on the beach with whether the director of prisons should remain in office while the gun and ambulance incident is heard in court. [...]

GUEST POST: Corruption by authority

2022-11-02T09:23:26+01:00Wed, 2nd Nov '22, 09:23|

I have held a number of high-profile positions, mainly abroad, but I have never, ever been paid a salary which is higher than that of my employer or superiors, even though on occasion my qualifications and experience exceeded by far those of my employer or superiors. This is because the buck stops with them. They [...]

Only children can change us

2022-11-02T09:17:51+01:00Wed, 2nd Nov '22, 09:17|

For generations now education has been the key to social change. Families were thought hygiene by children returning from school. Environmental awareness and healthy eating are disseminated upwards by children stinging the conscience of their parents. It is one thing to fight the mafia, by promoting the work of institutions and the effort to capture [...]

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