ICC asked to probe Muscat, Abela for “crimes against humanity” pushing migrants back to Libya

2022-11-30T21:19:09+01:00Wed, 30th Nov '22, 14:41|

Joseph Muscat and Robert Abela could be called to reply to a criminal complaint against them filed in The Hague if the International Criminal Court accepts to hear a case on Malta’s policy of pushing migrants at sea to Libya. The complaint, filed by German NGO the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights, alleges [...]

Lights out on UBOs

2022-11-30T10:47:37+01:00Wed, 30th Nov '22, 10:47|

Not that a note from little old me is going to make anyone any difference. But I’d be mad not to join the mad reaction to the recent European Court of Justice ruling that says that publicly available Ultimate Beneficial Ownership registers are a breach of privacy and data protection rules. Malta was one of [...]

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