Call them people

2022-11-26T06:58:53+01:00Sat, 26th Nov '22, 06:58|

During the long hours between killing his wife and being arrested the killer of Bernice Cassar held court on social media. He famously addressed a crass message to his newly orphaned children. I won’t reproduce it here. It’s enough that you recall that in the killer’s warped logic, such as it is, the ‘reason’ for [...]

Properly protecting witnesses of wrongdoing

2022-11-26T06:55:03+01:00Sat, 26th Nov '22, 06:55|

Repubblika yesterday published a policy paper (download it here: Protecting Whistleblowers in Malta) in a series we’ve been running discussing specific aspects of the country’s system and how they could be improved. This time we focused on having a law that properly protects whistle-blowers and encourages citizens who become aware of wrongdoing, typically at work, [...]

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