There’s simply no excuse for the Maltese state to fund, endorse, enable, and publicise an anti-semitic, Holocaust-excusing, Hitler-worshipping book.

The author of “Mein Führer Adolf Hitler, L-Istorja u l-Bijografija” acknowledges and thanks the National Book Council. This does not prove in and of itself that the National Book Council funded this book. But did it? The Council must urgently deny this. Or they must resign. There is just no room in a democracy for Nazi propaganda and there is no complicity, no innocent error, no gross oversight that can excuse a public official that enables this.

The author of “Mein Führer Adolf Hitler, L-Istorja u l-Bijografija” was interviewed on TVM last week and the interview is still on the public broadcaster’s website. The editor, the editorial board of the public television station, its producers and managers, have broadcast this Nazi propaganda. They may have hoped that nobody watches it. I only stumbled on it by accident. They may have hoped everyone watches it and becomes a Nazi convert. It does not matter. It is not acceptable in a democracy for the national TV station to be giving a platform to antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and the public canonisation of Adolf Fucking Hitler.

I can’t tell you who sits on TVM’s editorial board because it is a bit of a state secret. We should find out who they are when the government publishes their resignation letter.

You can’t be neutral or ambivalent about Nazism. You’re either against it or its accomplice. That is true of the National Book Council and Public Broadcasting Services as well.