I wanted to write about this at length but Norman Vella posted on Newsbook and I couldn’t have said it better.

Saying we’re back to the 1980s is a bit of a cliche’ perhaps.

Episodes like this, when the national broadcaster headed by Labour stooge Reno Bugeja, ignores the European Parliament’s earth-moving reprimand and looks to find positive government propaganda in the midst of a national catastrophe, sure take us back to the 1980s.

But there’s something more now. There’s a callous emotional deficit that we are probably not used to. There’s rejoicing in the violent death of someone because their opinions varied. This is not merely political polarisation. This is virulent, dehumanising hate.

As Norman Vella put it, TVM, you killed Daphne all over again today.

Shame. On you and on your political masters.

In journalistic terms you are the opposite of what she was. For her independence, your slavish loyalty to your party. For the irresistible relevance of her investigations, your dull reporting of cooked national statistics. For her incisiveness, wit and charm your vacuity and pretense.

Her readers will miss her no less just because you pretend she did not exist.