This is making the rounds:

We are an ever-increasing non-partisan group of women from all walks of life. We are concerned for our future and that of our children. This is not the Malta we recognise, not the Malta we want to leave behind. Following the horrendous assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, many are now seeing the glaring need for change. But this requires strong leadership and effective decisions. It is clear that we need to restore faith in the proper functioning of our institutions and democracy. For this to be done and to be seen to be done, our leaders need to act and quickly.

The AG, the Commissioner of Police, need to be replaced with non-divisive persons who enjoy the trust of all. We stand for this and for constitutional reforms that can bring about this change. We stand for strengthening the three arms of the state and for the proper separation of powers. We want a change in the ways things are being done. We want safety, protection, honesty, transparency. We want our faith restored in our country, in our future, in our children’s future. And we want it to start now. With us.

We will be occupying Castille Square from Thursday 18:30 to Sunday 23:00. This is a non-partisan event organised by women but all genders are invited to join. As many as possible for Thursday 18:30 to 20:30, then we take shifts. Tents, sleeping bags etc will be supplied but whoever can get their own, it will be helpful. Please fill in the form if you wish to participate. We are asking for your contact information to ensure that all hours are covered.

If you don’t want to commit or fill the form, feel free to pop by at anytime … bring coffee and snacks with you : )

This is a link to the form.