Investigators are cautious and they will advise us to wait for conclusions. But we have seen that formula being used before.

Why is Jimmy Magro not arraigned a year after the facts became known? The official story is the police is still investigating.

Why has Edward Caruana not been booked for corruption and money laundering? The official story is the police is still investigating.

Why is the Pilatus chief, banker to the corrupt and criminal, allowed to fly out of the country with evidence of corruption at the very top of our institutions? The official story is the police is still investigating.

And now that we experience the apex of the chain of interconnected crimes with the assassination of the journalist who showed up the official story for the fraud it really is, we are given again another chapter of the official story.

The police today deny they had any information Daphne Caruana Galizia was threatened, when all of us could see she was. Need I remind anyone of every publicly screamed threat on her life? They expect us to believe a proper investigation is underway led by a police commissioner who along with the rest of his gang had most to gain from Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death.

We are given the official story, which story benefits the people splattered with blood.

Enough of this.

Brick by brick the bastions that were supposed to defend us from crime and evil have been weakened to the point where they protect us no more. The state, that is supposed to be the comfort of the law-abiding and the protector of the weak and vulnerable, has turned to the side of crime itself.

A forensic investigation may shed light on many things we want to know. But there’s much we already know. And we do not want to wait.

Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination is not something that hit us like rain from an unclouded sky. This storm has been long brewing. It is the logical conclusion, the natural consequence, of the amoral environment built by Joseph Muscat and his co-conspirators.

As every corner of our institutional firmament was turned over to imbeciles, incompetents, fawns, vassals and crooks, old chestnuts like the law is the same for everyone, influence is granted on the basis of merit, it’s what you know not who you know, were all thrown on the flames.

Daphne Caruana Galizia exposed this to the extent that she knew and for that she was vilified, dehumanised, demonised and ostracised. Savior Balzan would not speak her name, like Toni Pellegrini would not speak Eddie Fenech Adami’s. Robert Musumeci led twitter campaigns hashtagged galiziabarra. Super one endowed her with the attributes that would thoroughly discredit her with their audience: branding her first a PN mouthpiece and eventually making the PN her mouthpiece.

Then came the electoral loss of last June for which she was blamed by the winners and some of the losers. And on the back of that blame and for the political convenience of those exploiting it, she was vilified, demonised and dehumanised by Nationalists who worshipped her just a few weeks before.

This was the last takeover of the nation’s institutions, all now complicit in a morally bankrupt assault on the only woman then left in the country pointing at the pestilence taking us over.

The official story will develop. There are already signs that the government will want this matter out-of-the-way soonest, probably with a frame-up designed to satisfy a faithful audience who would rather have a simple and neat explanation than face bigger realities we’ll only really ever scratch the surface of. Pietru Pawl Busuttil would be at the airport right now if he was still alive.

The official story will not want us to confront the fundamentals behind this moral catastrophe: that in the interest of wealth we have allowed the evil Azeri regime to hold interests here; that we have allowed the ‘Ndrangheta and the Gomorrah to hold interests here. The official story does not want us to know that these best of times are partly built on the back of other people’s worst of times. That we have blood on our hands and Daphne Caruana Galizia is only the latest of many faceless victims we will never know.

The official story will not be challenged by politicians across the aisle who personally profit and thrive on industries where moral compromises have become the order of the day to the point where you could no longer call them compromises but a nihilistic profiteering chaos.

‘Kemm hi kbira l-qlub tal-Maltin’ we congratulate each other on Christmas where we give our poor what is made in mere weeks of profits on the back of international money we know not whence it comes. We pat ourselves on the back thinking ourselves some moral example. We sooth our conscience with charity, reminding ourselves of course that it must begin and stay at home.

The idioms of our elders are more honest. ‘L-ewwel il-pappa’. ‘Malta qatt ma rrifjutat qamħ’. ‘L-aqwa li taqla’ lira għall-familja’. ‘Aħleb Ġuż!’

On the back of these colonial nuggets, this Jungian conditioning underlying our collective psychology, we have erected a country where money justifies everything. And our greed led us down waters way beyond our depths. We played with the big boys thinking we could control the outcomes of our adventures. And now things are seriously out of hand.

Joseph Muscat cannot clean this mess. He must go. Now. Along with his gang of profiteers and infantile bully boys who thought they could sit across the table from Ilham Aliyev and keep things under control.

With them their puppets and their supporters, their cronies and their half-hearted critics. They must go too. Parliament cannot fix this for us. The attorney general cannot fix this for us. The police cannot fix this for us. They are out of their depth. They are individually either incompetent or corrupt. Either way they are disqualified.

We must take our country back: people, civil society, the press, the church. Politicians of good will may join this movement and help it along, but they have passed their chance to lead it.

It is time for the second republic: but not the one the politicians had in mind to seal their hold on power. It is time for a clean sweep so we can rebuild our constitution from the ground up and rebuild the bastions to protect our people and restore fairness to our society.

It is time to put aside the caution of the official story. It is time for the rash embrace of the truth. It is time for change.