While we wait for an investigation into yesterday’s assassination, there’s another inquiry which should be underway and it should not be conducted by the police.

What did the police know about threats to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s life? What did they do about it?

Someone from outside the police force must right away fall on the offices and the homes of Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, Assistant Commissioner Ian Abdilla and the rest of the plants placed in what was our police force to accommodate the regime. Take their computers away and seal their filing cabinets. Protect the evidence of a crime perpetrated against this nation and its dignity.

The Attorney General must be excluded from this as well.

We cannot trust any of them.

And bringing the FBI in is a smokescreen to coat with legitimacy the sickening rot and pestilence. That such a thick coating of varnish is deemed necessary, makes all that’s going on even more suspicious. The FBI have no jurisdiction here. They have no power. They are consultants to the police who should be the subject of an investigation right now.

We have no one to protect us. We are naked in the dark in this country that pretended to be a warm, welcoming democracy but is really a colony possessed by a cabal of criminals, some with familiar faces and others behind them unknown.