Read this statement by David Casa on the website of the European People’s Party today.

David Casa says he is “in possession of a damning FIAU report that concludes that criminal investigations should start against Minister Konrad Mizzi on alleged money laundering and the possible existence of money derived from crime.”

They tell us we have no proof of Konrad Mizzi’s guilt. They tell us the law says he is innocent until proven guilty.

Arrest him, arraign him, accuse him, try him. He’s innocent until he’s convicted.

But he has no place in high government office while he’s there. If he was employed with the government he’d be suspended pending proceedings right now. And he’d be undergoing criminal proceedings.

Everyone is equal before the law. Including those who hide criminals as the prime minister is now.

Everyday you stay there you are confirming the world’s sickening impression this is a Mafia State.

Leave now.