Institute of Journalists closes case on Daphne Caruana Galizia: “justice prevailed”

Institute of Journalists closes case on Daphne Caruana Galizia: “justice prevailed”

It really is no mystery why Daphne Caruana Galizia would never join the ‘Institute of Maltese Journalists’.

Look at them celebrating “justice having prevailed” when three lowlifes were arraigned, accused of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder.

Their words: “The fact that tonight three people were arraigned in Court following their arrest and subsequent interrogation during these past two days marks a historic moment for the Institute where justice prevails in favour of freedom of the press.”

Of course no one is happier about this than the prime minister. Look at him gleefully retweeting the journalists’ fawning praise.

The prime minister and his stooges spent the last 7 weeks saying people demanding justice and doubting the government’s will to secure it were ‘talking too soon’.

How ironic it is to see now Labour stooges, pretending to have an inch of concern for press freedom, rush to declare the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia closed. How can you say justice has been served before even the conviction of these tools has been secured?

And how can you conclude justice has been served when we are no wiser today than we were last week about who thought it would be a good idea to kill Daphne and went about arranging for it?

And how can you say justice is served when the political realities that brought about her death, the matters she was investigating and revealing, remain apparently unaffected by her life and by her death?

In adopting the government’s hymn book that this case is closed, the institute of Maltese journalists has not merely betrayed Daphne. She is beyond harm now. They did that repeatedly while she was alive anyway and she marched on, alone, every time.

In adopting the government’s hymn book that this case is closed they have betrayed anyone in Malta who expects our institutions to protect us from abuse of power, starting with journalists themselves who are supposed to keep a vigilant and critical eye on the processes of the state. Even before the first page of evidence has been presented against these three men, the institute of Maltese journalists has pronounced the case closed, justice served. Now we can all go home in gratitude of our institutions who have protected journalists and press freedom.

Protected how? Is Daphne any less dead now? And are her killers, right up to the people who conceived and commissioned her killing, serving time? And are the politicians who isolated her and led her monstrous demonisation retired? And are the police authorities who were supposed to protect her out of a job?

But journalists, who marched in sympathy with her two days after she died, wash their hands of her case as soon as they thought it would not look too unseemly to do so, 7 weeks later.

It would not have surprised Daphne Caruana Galizia one bit.

I am relatively new to this. I could not believe my ears when I sat next to Norma Saliba who runs the institute of Maltese journalists tell MEP Francis Zammit Dimech in a consultation meeting on press freedom, her institute believes journalists should be warranted. Understand what this means. You would need a license from the state in order to write, to exercise the basic freedom of expression. Only “warranted” journalists would have the protection reserved for journalists.

The institute of Maltese journalists argues for the denial of protection to people exercising their freedom of expression unless they are permitted to do so by the state.

Did you know the USSR too had a Union of Journalists?

I can never be a member of a club that believes freedom of expression is a right reserved for people licensed by the state.

I can never be a member of a club that rejoices in the arrest of 3 people in connection with the murder of a journalist without knowing why they did it, seeing evidence of how they did it, and having the obvious question of who made them do it answered.

I can never be a member of a club that is willing to prejudice the simple safety and freedom of the people in the profession it is supposed to represent because it serves the interests of the regime that wants to silence them.

I’d rather be a biċċa blogger thank you very much.

  • thedirectone

    This is a déjà vu, Charlie Hebdo, hypocrisy at his top level.

  • bernie

    What is so historic about a mouth wide shut ?

  • Patricia Mifsud

    There are doctors and healers, there are teachers and educators, then there are reporters and journalists. Pathetic reporters. I’d like to see any of them receiving recognition for their work the way Daphne’s work was recognised even in her lifetime, and posthumously.

    You do well not to want to be associated with them, Manuel. There is more respect in being a ‘biċċa blogger’ than those sorry excuses for journalists.

    In any case, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  • Mark Fenech

    Evidently under pressure from the EU, Muscat has been at pains to persuade his European counterparts that they really need not worrry about Malta being a “Mafia state’ and that he will indeed get to the bottom of Daphne’s assassination. What he and his stooges in the “Institute of Journalists” have not realized is that EU leaders (and, basically, anyone with enough grey matter between the ears) are not a bunch of fools who are easily impressed with an overdose of hurried spin. Justice prevailed eh? Their words and actions betray their incredible stupidity.

  • just me

    They simply show that they are not worthy to be called journalists. Instead they should be investigating. They should not believe everything or rather anything stated by the authorities.
    The whole affair stinks. To me it seems like a messa in scena. There are so many things which do not make sense, so many things which do not add up.
    For example, why did the police look for the mobiles in the sea as though they knew they were there? Would any criminal with the slightest amount of intelligence throw a mobile used to commit a murder, in the sea in the place where the gang meets? He would have destroyed the mobile and the SIM card and have thrown it into the sea at say Dingli Cliffs so if the mobile is found just the same, no connection to him could be made. Besides anyone could have thrown the mobiles where they were found with the sole purpose to incriminate these men.
    It reminds me of when the police “found” the shot gun which killed Raymond Caruana in Pietru Pawl Busuttil’s farmhouse.

    • Mac Taylor


      If what the police have is just electronic data of unregistered mobile phones and unless the presence and activities of these mobile phones are coupled with ones registered to accused then the police have nothing at all to rely on. I hope that the police have more solid evidence but the best evidence is that which leads to the person or persons who PAID for the hit, those who now feel safer following Daphne’s assassination

    • Justice

      Not forgetting this guy had a boat. Why not dispose of all those mobiles further out in deep waters? Now it is said they all contain data about the 8 bombings, which the police never solved. Does this mean all cases are now solved? Try pulling another one Commissioner.

  • quickmick408

    By the issue of warrants, they will have total control of all the press to regurgitate all the propaganda that spews out daily but is ignored by free thinkers who can and do form their own impression of this tyrannical state. Daphne had the measure of them and avoided them like the plague, so Manuel steer clear of them and continue to expose them wherever you find them, good man.

  • hekknahsibha

    Freedom of expression for journalists ? Min qallu lil dan il-bravu li dawk it-tlieta li tressqu huma l-mohh wara dan id-delitt fahxi ? Hemm ukollna gustizzja vera. Meta l-mohh wara dan kollu insiru nafuh.

    Nestor Laiviera jidher li jikkuntenta ruhu bix-xejn. Jew hekk gie ORDNAT jikkummenta.

  • Grey matter matters

    This is utterly disgusting. I find myself repeating this phrase day in day out .. is there no limit to this country’s corruption. It is unbelievable. Of all people, it is the very people who should question every ounce and every angle of a story who closed the case on one of the most crucial matters of our present times. Astounding…heart breaking …shameful.

  • Joshua V

    Following this statement, any self-respecting journalist should resign from the Institute.

    • Zeppi

      Would they though or rather, are there any self-respecting journalists in Malta or are they just Party/Institution controlled Reporters? I would say the latter!

  • Justice

    No doubt in my mind the order to terminate Daphne’s life came from whoever had too much to lose. Two come to mind ! This case is far from being solved, investigations should not come to an end before those who ordered her killing are brought to justice.

  • T Borg

    This is how Labour works They put people who are under their control in key positions of organisations representing specific sectors. That is what happened at IMJ and also at MHRA. Control is achieved either by putting in people who are income dependent on government or people hoping for an iced bun.

  • Mac Taylor

    So we don’t need a court of law to judge whether the accused are guilty or not. A lynch mob aka Malta Institute of Journalists has just found the three low lifes guilty withiut even asking the most obvious question that a normal journalist wil ask in this context and circumstance: If these low lifes are guilty who paid them for the hit?

    • Deo Denaro

      Total idiots. So unprofessional.

  • Mac Taylor

    Occam’s Razor is a very good tool in science to help one arrive to the correct solution.

  • Mac Taylor

    Occam’s razor (also Ockham’s razor; Latin: lex parsimoniae “law of parsimony”) is a problem-solving principle attributed to William of Ockham (c. 1287–1347), who was an English Franciscan friar, scholastic philosopher, and theologian. His principle states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

  • Angela Galea

    What a big shame they all are. Fourth pillar my foot.

    As Mrs Caruana Galizia used to say there are no real journalists in Malta only Party propagandists and some other writers/opinionists with hidden agendas.

  • Carmel Ellul

    Daphne Caruana Galizia , graduated in Archaeology.
    This teaches where to dig out the past, how to join the pieces and then how to interpret the result .
    This is what real INVESTIGATIVE journalists do .
    Dig out the information , join the jigsaw puzzle, look at the whole picture and hang it for all to see.
    Those that report what they are told are reporters.

  • Fred the Red

    So Dione Borg, do you agree with the position of the august ‘institute’?

  • Robert

    Daphne never joined this pathetic institute. Enough said.
    One example..Joe Bannister tells a journalist that he doesnt get paid for being am executive (managing) director of a Russian intl company except for a 500 Euro disbursement, and the journalist does not ask why he chooses to do such voluntary work.

  • Marija il-maltija

    The IMJ has been led by spineless stooges for a number of years. No wonder Daphne wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole

  • callixtus

    Why all this hurry to wrap up the case and declare it solved, when we have no inkling of the motive and the name of the person or persons who commissioned the crime? Why are the “investigative” members of the Institute of Maltese journalists so determined not to delve further into the matter. What are they afraid of exposing?

  • JMifsud

    Norma Saliba ???? Really???? Is there any matter between those ears???? No journalist would join such an organization.Form a real one please!

  • JMifsud

    let me tell you how this story will play out. These three will be jailed and they being in their 50″s they may welcome it. Their families will live like kings. They will never reveal the hand that commissioned them. And the police are not interested. And the story will end there until some future government appoints real police and a real AG to investigate, not the puppets we have. By then, the people who will have directly and indirectly commissioned the hit will be long gone….

  • Deo Denaro

    Well said Manuel. Daphne was so right.

  • Deo Denaro

    And how much does a swim cost the nation in terms of accompanying gun boats, man power etc??

  • Stephanie

    Are they going to retract their praise, now that the Malta Independent has joined the Times of Malta and Malta Today in succumbing to the re-writing of history – to the obvious benefit of Pilatus Bank?…I haven’t heard a peep from them yet