It’s the rosary beads again.

They have finally made it to the new owners, the residents at St Vincent de Paule residents. Here’s a sample.

Onor. Michael Falzon and Onor. Tony Agius Decelis (famously nicknamed De La Cheese by one of the smarter comperes at a Labour Party activity), it’s elderly people you’re dealing with here, not idiots.

First, it most definitely is not “il-Jum Dinji Tal-Anzajani” (sic). I know it’s hardly etched in most people’s diaries but Google is the elderly lady’s friend too. The International Day for Older Persons is October 1st and it’s no excuse that some of them may not live to see the next one.

Second, did you think elderly people cannot spell?

Here’s a game for you. List how many typos you can spot on this official gift card in the comments below.

Third, don’t the Onor. Michael Falzon and the Onor. Tony Agius De La Cheese have anything better to do?

Well everything is an opportunity for a scam for these guys. MP Karol Aquilina asked Minister Michael Falzon if a call for tenders was issued for this €30,000+ job, who bid and who was awarded the contract. Question dodged. This product is so “particular” a tender was not issued. That’s half an answer. You still haven’t told us who you awarded the contract to. Just because the project was very much outside your remit as a government of a secular country does not mean you don’t get to answer questions about how you spent tax payer’s money.

Or maybe the Pope said they can.