Nexia BT — Mossack Fonseca (Malta) — Kasco Group. These are three dots in the orbit of Keith Schembri and his grand fraudulent scheme to cover illicit income, avoid paying taxes and use his public office for personal office.

A fourth dot is MFSP, the four-partner investment agency that managed Keith Schembri’s British Virgin Islands nests. What started out as a four-way partnership eventually became practically the exclusive domain of key tagħnalkoller Matthew Pace who is seen in this March 10th, 2013 photo celebrating at Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s house their entry into power and their kleptocratic holiday at the expense of public space. He is the squatting flag bearer.

By April 2nd Matthew Pace was appointed to the board of the then MEPA even though just four years before he was an insurance salesman at Global Capital.

With three partners he set up MFSP. In Keith Schembri he found the right friend and a special kind of client though of course the arrangement was reciprocal.

Matthew Pace not only handles the investment portfolio for Keith Schembri but also the funds for other tagħnalkollers like Robert Musumeci, Malcolm Scerri — Keith Schembri’s partner in the KASCO subsidiary and his frontman on his businesses while at Castille — and Deo Scerri.

Even as he accepted and cleared inexplicable deposits made by Keith Schembri, and therefore fully aware that Keith Schembri was depositing money he should not have, Matthew Pace repeated the ‘where’s the proof’ mantra that Labour produces every time its leadership is caught in manifest wrongdoing.

The proof, Mr Matthew Pace, is in your desk.