Press Release

2018-09-15T18:53:14+02:00Sat, 15th Sep '18, 18:53|

Issued just now.   Stqarrija Stampa ta’ Manuel Delia Dal-għodu jien u attivisti sħabi weħħilna strixxun mal-injam li qed idawwar ‘il-Monument tal-Assedju l-Kbir li kien juri l-bandiera ta’ Malta, xbiegħa ta’ Daphne Caruana Galizia u l-kelma ‘Ġustizzja’. Qegħdna wkoll fjuri u xemgħat. Dan bi tkomplija tal-protesta għall-verita’ u l-ġustizzja. Għall-ħabta tas-14:15 impjegati tad-Dipartiment tal-Indafa Pubblika [...]

Police report

2018-09-15T15:05:54+02:00Sat, 15th Sep '18, 15:02|

I have just filed the following police report with the Commissioner of Police about the removal of the banner we put up this morning opposite the Law Courts: Sur Kummissarju, Kif forsi diġà taf, dalgħodu jiena personalment flimkien ma’ numru ta’ attivisti oħra poġġejna banner li kien juri l-bandiera ta’ Malta, il-kelma “ĠUSTIZZJA” u wiċċ [...]

De Volkskrant: Malta government “shocked” by tenacity of Council of Europe investigator

2018-09-15T14:50:22+02:00Sat, 15th Sep '18, 14:50|

Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant reported the Maltese authorities are in shock at the tenacity and determination of MP Pieter Omtzigt appointed by the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly to report on whether the investigations into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia are truly independent. The report says that Pieter Omtzigt is known in the Netherlands [...]

In Bidnija

2018-09-15T14:17:22+02:00Sat, 15th Sep '18, 14:17|

These photos were taken this afternoon. The call for Justice is 11 months old. But no fainter.

Labour Councillors vote against awarding Daphne Caruana Galizia her town council’s posthumous recognition

2018-09-15T14:07:06+02:00Sat, 15th Sep '18, 13:49|

Labour Councillors in Mosta voted against a motion to recognise Daphne Caruana Galizia with the town’s yearly recognition. The President of the Local Council’s Association, Malta’s foremost representative of local autonomy and democratisation, Mario Fava, issued this post criticising the Councillors in Mosta who supported granting Daphne Caruana Galizia the recognition. Mosta did not rush [...]

Brush up on your rights

2018-09-15T13:33:46+02:00Sat, 15th Sep '18, 13:33|

At a civil society action near the Great Siege memorial in Valletta today some hecklers told activists "you've gone too far". The action was a silent protest that involved hanging a banner, laying flowers and placing candles. No molotov cocktail in sight. And yet they say it is "too far" because it carries the temerity [...]

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