Check out this Lovin Malta interview with Steve Hili

2018-09-27T12:59:12+02:00Thu, 27th Sep '18, 12:59|

They say laughter is the best medicine. But I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't know. But sarcasm, irony, wit, mockery, satire, parody and humour are legitimate forms of protest. We do not resort to it often enough because it feels awkward to laugh at times like these. Let's shake the awkwardness off. Steve Hili [...]

Joe Brincat went to court

2018-09-27T12:55:10+02:00Thu, 27th Sep '18, 12:49|

It was nice of Joseph Brincat to drop by in the constitutional case I filed against Owen Bonnici claiming his orders to censor the protest in front of the Law Courts was a breach of the rights to freedom of expression. You see Joseph Brincat is part of our history of human rights. He’s also [...]

Fake news central

2018-09-27T13:32:24+02:00Thu, 27th Sep '18, 11:20|

Truth has become optional. It is extremely hard to justify the private jet debacle. Private jets carrying prime ministers -- Eddie Fenech Adami and Lawrence Gonzi -- have been the subject of super one scandals for generations. When a mid-level civil servant was flown on one to avoid cancelling her leave so a favourable vote [...]

Someone responded to Owen Bonnici’s premature enthusiasm

2018-09-27T10:18:41+02:00Thu, 27th Sep '18, 10:18|

Owen Bonnici sprayed his shorts yesterday all gleeful that I withdrew the injunction request to stop him censoring the protest in front of the Law Courts. Of course he's been reading the papers and knows that at the same time I filed a constitutional case arguing he breached constitutional free speech safeguards. Joseph and Michelle [...]

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