Malta 2018

2018-09-11T17:07:48+02:00Tue, 11th Sep '18, 17:07|

A woman bought three candles and stretched her arm through police barriers to place them on the steps of a public square. Another woman straight off the street got close to her and took pictures of her doing so with her phone. There was no doubt she was not taking pictures in admiration but rather [...]

Blood on their hands

2018-09-11T17:01:25+02:00Tue, 11th Sep '18, 17:01|

I was in Valletta this morning when activists on the trapped ship Lifeline Mission protested in Valletta. They couldn't have been more than 10 people marching quietly down Republic Street. One of them wore a mock mask of Joseph Muscat. Some people recognised that and the fact the protester was wearing handcuffs. They did not [...]

It’s gambling. But not a gambling problem.

2018-09-11T16:14:33+02:00Tue, 11th Sep '18, 16:14|

And they want to tell the world that we’re set up for money laundering. An unemployed man called Alfred Degiorgio gambles almost €600,000 in four casinos in Malta over a period of three years. And no one asks where does this guy gets his money. Eventually, Alfred Degiorgio would become famous for being accused of [...]

Blockchain industry journal: Cryptocurrencies should look away from “authoritarian” Malta

2018-09-11T15:52:56+02:00Tue, 11th Sep '18, 15:52|

Not everyone in the blockchain industry is entirely enthused by Malta and the government’s offer. Read this piece in industry news site ETHNews. The publication describes itself as “an emerging provider of Ethereum and Blockchain ecosystem news”. Its recent editorial on Malta is unhappy reading for the promoters of Malta as “the blockchain island”. “Rising [...]

Bloomberg: How Malta lost its soul

2018-09-11T13:48:03+02:00Tue, 11th Sep '18, 13:48|

Read this on today's Bloomberg and see how the name of this country has been sullied for generations to come. I will just give you these lines from the article by the journalist standing next to the Great Siege Memorial before it was wrapped and barricaded by the government: On this day, dozens of tourists [...]

Who is racist?

2018-09-11T13:26:32+02:00Tue, 11th Sep '18, 13:26|

The defence of the PN for adopting a xenophobic line is that the government are manifestly neglecting immigration issues and consequently the opposition are duty bound to speak up. They don’t mean to be racist but if that’s how they sound when living up to their responsibilities of speaking about uncomfortable topics, too bad. There [...]

Backfiring provocation

2018-09-11T12:53:47+02:00Tue, 11th Sep '18, 12:33|

The Malta Independent this morning warned the government their decision to barricade the Great Siege Memorial to prevent the continuation of the protest demanding justice that started when Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed 11 months ago “will backfire”. The newspaper respects the tenacity of activists protesting there and thinks the government should be showing the [...]

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