2018-09-01T16:31:06+02:00Fri, 31st Aug '18, 16:25|

I don’t remember a time when Karl Stagno Navarra was not being chased by irate creditors. The man is a pathological liar but a very capable con artist. He disproves the notion that in a small island you can’t get away with a lifelong career in bullshitting people out of their goods or money. I [...]

17-Black: Authorities informed who owns it 6 months ago. We still don’t know.

2018-08-31T16:19:49+02:00Fri, 31st Aug '18, 16:19|

  Ana Gomes got an answer from the Latvian anti-money laundering agency who told her they shared with Malta’s authorities information about 17-Black six months ago. Emails on 17-Black that have been published show it is one of two companies committed to transfer millions into Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi’s Panama companies. Since these emails [...]

France 24: Ali Sadr and other Iranians in name only

2018-08-31T15:36:12+02:00Fri, 31st Aug '18, 15:36|

New York-based journalist Denise Hassanzade Ajiri published a report on global news site France 24 about "Iranians in name only" who use nationalities of other countries to dodge US sanctions. Her story focuses on Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, born in Iran but who used his purchased St Kitts and Nevis nationality to do business in the [...]

A review of the Egrant inquiry conclusions (Part 8)

2018-08-31T13:32:13+02:00Fri, 31st Aug '18, 13:31|

The eighth part of Godfrey Leone Ganado’s review of the conclusions of the Egrant inquiry: In this article number 8, I will be moving from the Boardroom of Pilatus Bank (article 7) to the so much talked about kitchen, to smell the coffee. However, before doing so, I must describe the substance rather than the [...]

European Parliament to fund investigative journalism

2018-08-31T09:53:40+02:00Fri, 31st Aug '18, 09:51|

European Parliamentarians are promoting an initiative that tries to get something useful out of the anger and horror after the assassinations of Daphne Caruana Galizia and Jan Kuciak. They both tripped on the live wire in the dark that kills journalists that try to find out what the powerful and corrupt would rather hide. But [...]

This is not a spectacle. This is a disaster.

2018-08-31T08:49:07+02:00Fri, 31st Aug '18, 08:21|

The burning of the Magħtab landfill is a man-made disaster. The Civil Protection Department is warning people in the wake of its plume to stay indoors and close their windows to avoid sucking toxic fumes in. And pray for wind to blow this over the sea. The Labour Party in those heady days leading to [...]

GUEST POST: A bishop’s instruction manual

2018-08-30T14:09:49+02:00Thu, 30th Aug '18, 14:09|

An insider I know sent in this guest post to help us understand the rules that might guide a bishop on what to do when they come across a case of clerical sex abuse. I’m told to point out that wherever the term ‘bishop’ is used it also applies to ‘major superiors’ who have similar [...]

Alfred Sant is right

2018-08-30T13:37:50+02:00Thu, 30th Aug '18, 13:37|

I haven’t seen the original interview on Smash TV; just this summary of it on The Malta Independent. But I can’t fault anything in what Alfred Sant is being quoted as saying. He focused his attention on the Parliamentary Opposition because that is what he was talking about. He may or may not agree with [...]

On handling part-time priests

2018-08-29T20:28:26+02:00Wed, 29th Aug '18, 20:28|

The Church needed to manage the reaction to my blog post of two days ago reporting that a priest convicted of molesting 17 children and banned for life by a civil court from ever dealing with children was now working as a priest in Bormla. I reported what they had told me when I published [...]

Curia ‘clarifies’ position on Felix Cini

2018-08-29T19:42:05+02:00Wed, 29th Aug '18, 19:42|

The following is a statement by the Communications Office of the Archdiocese of Malta issued earlier this afternoon. I will comment on this in a separate post: The Communications Office refers to articles published in the media over the last 48 hours about Fr Felix Cini, a priest of Maltese nationality incardinated in the Diocese [...]

ECPMF asks Joseph Muscat if there is to be an independent inquiry into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia

2018-08-29T17:20:10+02:00Wed, 29th Aug '18, 17:03|

  Photo: Jame Bartlett The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom has asked the prime minister Joseph Muscat whether an open public inquiry will be held into the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia and particularly on whether the assassination could have been prevented. ECPMF's legal advisor Flutura Kusari has told a gathering [...]

Better than being hit by a truck

2018-08-29T17:06:11+02:00Wed, 29th Aug '18, 16:50|

Labour governments did not invent this. This one sure didn’t anyway. PN governments also wrote little cheques to many people in the form of some rebate or other. Doesn’t really matter who is doing it: the practice is populist, wasteful and utterly pointless. The Finance Minister announced today the government is living up to a [...]

US Prosecutors to pause reviewing Ali Sadr’s emails while exchanges with his wives and lawyers are removed

2018-08-29T09:27:53+02:00Wed, 29th Aug '18, 09:27|

US Prosecutors have been ordered to briefly pause from sifting through tens of thousands of emails from accounts belonging to Ali Sadr Hasheminejad. The pause, expected to last three weeks, is required so that emails to and from Ali Sadr’s wives and lawyers are properly filtered out. The order by Judge Andrew Carter of the [...]

Maltese ‘citizen’ named in financial scandal involving former Malaysian prime minister

2018-08-28T14:10:30+02:00Tue, 28th Aug '18, 14:10|

Shaher Awartani, originally from Jordan, but the holder of a Malta passport purchased through Henley & Partners has been named in the 1MDB scandal, the biggest financial scandal in Malaysian history that is seeing that former prime minister of that country charged with corruption. Malaysian police have last Friday filed criminal charges against fugitive financier [...]

GUEST POST: As loud as a war

2018-08-28T13:43:37+02:00Tue, 28th Aug '18, 13:43|

I live in Mqabba. I'm not native of the town, but I love it here. We get a lot of fireworks, and once or twice a year I go see the grand shows they put on. I like fireworks. I like food too, but the doctor says I have too much and must cut down. [...]

Could be funny, except …

2018-08-28T10:03:42+02:00Tue, 28th Aug '18, 10:03|

There's a lot of chuckling around the water cooler today about a study being reported on in the press of research that shows that poor air quality 'makes you stupid'. The new study suggests that poor air quality can shave off a year's worth of schooling from your intelligence which if you haven't had many [...]

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