‘Stand up to foreigners,’ he said.

2018-09-10T19:10:39+02:00Mon, 10th Sep '18, 19:05|

Adrian Delia’s call to Maltese people “to stand up to foreigners” is the pits. It is the lowest point a politician can reach when they seek to split the community into subsets, creating division and drumming up the hate for the vulnerable. There have been signs the PN was going to lurch to the right [...]

DW: Scandal in Valletta

2018-09-10T18:35:37+02:00Mon, 10th Sep '18, 18:01|

This video by Deutsche Welle sums up the outcome of Valletta 2018. Our chance to be in the spotlight, to boost the support and confidence of the local artistic community, to live and experience genuinely European values of openness, tolerance and critical debate has been squandered and replaced with the silencing of protest. The feature [...]

Attempt to stop Council of Europe investigation on truth in Daphne case fails

2018-09-10T17:53:41+02:00Mon, 10th Sep '18, 17:53|

An attempt by the government to stop a Council of Europe report on “ensuring the whole truth on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination emerges” has failed. The attempt was made by the Parliamentary Labour Party’s representative in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, former Minister Manuel Malia. Manuel Mallia asked the Committee on Legal [...]

Il-Kenniesa on the ‘official story’ on the Great Siege Memorial

2018-09-10T09:30:36+02:00Mon, 10th Sep '18, 09:30|

Il-Kenniesa's statement: We note that the government has taken the extraordinary step of covering and cordoning-off the 'The Great Siege' Monument, also known as the makeshift memorial for Daphne Caruana Galizia, on Victory Day. The day on which this monument is normally honoured. The official version is that this was done to “restore” the monument. [...]

A review of the Egrant inquiry conclusions (Part 9)

2018-09-10T09:30:57+02:00Mon, 10th Sep '18, 09:22|

The ninth part of Godfrey Leone Ganado’s review of the conclusions of the Egrant inquiry: In this article, which for now, should be my concluding one, except for Part 10 which will be a summary of the comments made, and except for any further developments related to Egrant which I anticipate. I will now move [...]

Those barriers must go

2018-09-10T08:28:13+02:00Mon, 10th Sep '18, 08:28|

The Great Siege Memorial in Valletta has been consolidated as the most important and symbolic front in a struggle for basic freedoms in this country. The flowers and candles and printed messages and photographs started out little less than a year ago as an outpouring of grief and popular anger at the killing of a [...]

Caca is a good name for it

2018-09-10T08:53:04+02:00Mon, 10th Sep '18, 07:46|

Although he doesn’t explicitly say so, Fr Joe Borg’s article in The Sunday Times of yesterday responds to articles appearing on this blog about 3 clerics in Gozo and in Malta accused or convicted of child abuse and how the church managed the situations. Being taught the rules of journalism by Fr Joe Borg is [...]

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