A reply to Owen Bonnici

2018-09-26T17:36:21+02:00Wed, 26th Sep '18, 17:36|

Owen Bonnici misled the public with a statement today suggesting I withdrew court action arguing his censorship of the protest in Great Siege Square is a breach of human rights. I have done no such thing. I have issued the below statement in response. Stqarrija bi tweġiba lill-Ministru Bonnici Nirreferi għall-istqarrija tal-lum tal-Ministru Owen Bonnici. [...]


2018-09-26T12:31:12+02:00Wed, 26th Sep '18, 12:31|

So Joseph Muscat ‘disagreed’ with whoever decided a middle manager in the civil service with a vote that could make a difference between ruining Silvio Debono and making him a billionaire should be flown in and out of her holiday by private jet to be at the PA meeting. He sure can act powerless when [...]

In case you wondered if they would ignore us

2018-09-26T10:07:58+02:00Wed, 26th Sep '18, 10:07|

The public cleansing department has confirmed it continues to remove flowers, candles and pictures left in Great Siege Square. They are not on the Great Siege Memorial. They are not obstructing any workers. They are not in the way of pedestrians. They are just there. And they remove them. Every night.

GUEST POST: Thank you letter to Edward Scicluna

2018-09-26T12:34:11+02:00Wed, 26th Sep '18, 09:56|

Guest post by Anna Briffa in the form of a letter to Edward Scicluna. Dear Professor Scicluna, Very Few Crumbs I’m so glad I don’t even have to feign gratitude for the the measly €45 to €60 cheque that you so condescendingly distributed among workers. I didn’t get one. Not because I am a pensioner. [...]

How organised crime pays the media to make it look good

2018-09-26T11:04:26+02:00Wed, 26th Sep '18, 09:44|

There’s an ongoing scandal in the Sicilian press that should be of interest to us. The Catania court has found that the media company that owns newspapers La Sicilia and La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno and TV stations Antenna Sicilia and Telecolor served the interests over many years of organised crime by ensuring that news on [...]

Protest is a duty

2018-09-26T09:07:23+02:00Wed, 26th Sep '18, 09:07|

This is not about a memorial to Daphne Caruana Galizia, Mr Martin Scicluna. She'd have hated the thought. This is about continuing the protest demanding justice in the face of government suppression. It's not even about where the protest congregates and what form it takes. It's about a government that thinks they can, just because [...]

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