Stuck barometer

2018-09-02T11:51:37+02:00Sun, 2nd Sep '18, 11:51|

It is customary to review Malta Today’s monthly survey of public opinion on parties and political leaders. Except that the significance of the result is in the fact that there has been no change to consistent results throughout Adrian Delia’s first year as party leader. It’s quite simple really. Two of every five respondents who [...]

‘I merely tapped the shoulders of altar boys’

2018-09-02T13:04:50+02:00Sun, 2nd Sep '18, 11:41|

Illum’s front page on Felix Cini, the convicted child abuse priest permitted to say Mass in Bormla “on special occasions” made me angry. Reading the actual report inside the newspaper gives an altogether different impression. The newspaper challenges Felix Cini and his contortionate attempts at self-justification convince no one, least of all the author of [...]


2018-09-02T11:06:10+02:00Sun, 2nd Sep '18, 11:06|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "There’s something wrong with the law (whether civil or canonical) when the power abused by any priest remains within his grasp. Quite apart from compassion and understanding, removing the means used to exploit the vulnerable for pleasure should be an obligation. That decision rests with the Church. [...]

Latvian bank had identified payments to 17 Black as “suspicious”

2018-09-02T10:54:08+02:00Sun, 2nd Sep '18, 06:31|

ABLV Bank, itself currently in liquidation after major money laundering revelations, had informed its Latvian regulator of payments worth $1.4 million from a Seychelles company owned by an Azerbaijani energy businessman to 17 Black, a company that contracted to pay funds to secret companies owned by Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi. The information emerges from [...]

Peter Grech’s running commentary

2018-09-02T06:00:35+02:00Sun, 2nd Sep '18, 06:00|

The attorney general responded to lawyers for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family in a brief “interim” letter (see below) supposedly to meet the deadline they gave him. He said the opinion they sent him is being “actively considered” but since they insisted on a reply by the end of August he had to send them something. [...]

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