Founder of Cryptomoney firm welcomed by Joseph Muscat, accused of fraud

2018-09-12T22:49:26+02:00Wed, 12th Sep '18, 22:49|

Shanghai police have taken OKEx founder Star Xu into custody for voluntary questioning in relation to fraud alleged to have taken place in a crypto project. Chinese media reports that Xu’s possible connection to the project is being investigated. Local law enforcement states that Xu is accused of involvement and fraud by other investors. Star [...]

Defending the bulwark of democracy

2018-09-12T22:31:48+02:00Wed, 12th Sep '18, 22:31|

I don’t know if anyone showed Jean Claude Juncker a picture of the memorial in front of the Law Courts as it’s been reduced since last Sunday before he made his speech today. But he was definitely thinking of Malta and Daphne Caruana Galizia when he said that too many journalists across the EU were [...]

Joseph Muscat lays flowers at memorial

2018-09-12T21:59:44+02:00Wed, 12th Sep '18, 21:59|

The prime minister went on one of his flower laying jaunts today. He’s in the habit of visiting memorials to his predecessors in his high office of the state. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with him laying flowers there. Flowers are nice. I like flowers. Most people I know like flowers. Whether you are [...]

Matching Eddie

2018-09-12T22:06:42+02:00Wed, 12th Sep '18, 21:29|

Eddie Fenech Adami will always be a hard act to follow. I realise that sentence sounds like it was written in 2003. We certainly all thought it at the time, no one more so than Lawrence Gonzi I should imagine. He is now four leaders of the PN ago. A man of his time who [...]

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