Lorna Vassallo’s tribal totemism

2018-12-28T15:23:23+01:00Fri, 28th Dec '18, 15:23|

Lorna Vassallo is not some prominent star in the Labour Party firmament. Though she does seem to think she deserves to be more important than she is. Relying on her opinion of herself, we should measure her perverse tribute to Karin Grech in this Facebook post of hers from this morning as mainstream Labour Party [...]

GUEST POST: The PN needs a defibrillator

2018-12-28T20:13:21+01:00Fri, 28th Dec '18, 14:52|

I broadly agree with this insider's guest view about what should be happening next in the PN. Except that I think all the people in this picture have a responsibility, vested in them by election to their post, to move to act. People are right: Adrian Delia was elected to his post. So were Robert [...]

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