2018-12-04T15:01:56+01:00Tue, 4th Dec '18, 15:01|

The attitude of Joseph Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and Chris Cardona yesterday in Parliament was utterly revolting. Their complete and utter contempt for Parliament is truly the pits. These people move around expecting deference due to the office they hold. They have people from across the political aisle defending them and attacking those who stay away [...]

Shouldn’t the axe man be guarding his tongue?

2018-12-04T07:43:40+01:00Tue, 4th Dec '18, 07:43|

Godfrey and Marlene Farrugia are particularly isolated in Parliament these days. The PN leadership has somehow focused their fixations on them speaking of the two MPs as if somehow they cost them an election. And Labour gives them the contemptuous treatment Maltese people reserve for those they perceive as traitors. The two were exceptional in [...]

Electrogas considered using power-station to mine bitcoin

2018-12-04T07:25:55+01:00Tue, 4th Dec '18, 07:25|

Emailed communication from within Electrogas tabled yesterday in Parliament by MP Jason Azzopardi shows that the energy company commenced evaluations for the use of the Malta power plant to mine bitcoin in a dedicated data centre. Jason Azzopardi said the email was part of the same stash of emails leaked to Daphne Caruana Galizia prior [...]

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