#occupyjustice: Adrian Delia must resign. Joseph Muscat is disgusting.

2018-12-03T14:13:34+01:00Mon, 3rd Dec '18, 14:13|

Statement issued by #occupyjustice this afternoon. Anyone suspected of involvement in criminal activity has no place in a public position. For this reason, yesterday’s media report that the FIAU has recommended a criminal investigation into possible money laundering allegations with the involvement of the Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia, makes his position untenable. The [...]

Why set up Repubblika?

2018-12-05T09:33:35+01:00Mon, 3rd Dec '18, 10:44|

Over this weekend Repubblika held a preparatory seminar asking people who have shown interest in the project to give their insight on how Repubblika should be organised and what it should focus on. I gave the keynote speech at the event explaining what's behind the idea. Here's a video of the speech and beneath, if [...]

16 December: Vigil for Truth and Justice

2018-12-17T10:23:53+01:00Mon, 3rd Dec '18, 09:00|

We never doubted Daphne Caruana Galizia’s investigative skills. 14 months since her assassination, more and more evidence, proving her right, is emerging. Yet, 14 months on, it seems that the authorities are reluctant to go after the masterminds of her murder. And, to date, in the past 14 months, the memorial protest site has been [...]

Il Sole 24 Ore on the laundering of Azerbaijan money

2018-12-03T08:51:09+01:00Mon, 3rd Dec '18, 08:51|

If you've missed this piece on Il Sole 24 Ore give it some of your time. It follows the trail of heaps of Azerbaijan money that may or may not be finding its way through laundering European banks into the pockets of decision makers that Azerbaijan needs to grow its gas business. The story speaks of [...]

Exploiting vulnerabilities

2018-12-03T08:16:01+01:00Mon, 3rd Dec '18, 08:16|

We have entered a new phase in political reality. The ranking order of parties remains unchanged and the majority support for the Labour Party remains unassailable. But the major change is that as time goes by party leaders lose more control over their fate and their improvisations and errors cost them more and more. Hardly [...]

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