Barely floating over watery graves

2018-12-31T18:06:06+01:00Mon, 31st Dec '18, 18:06|

Sincere thanks to and admiration for the soldiers manning the boats who rescued 180 people from near certain death out at sea today. The soldiers have better boats than the migrants but the forecast storms are a danger to everyone. This New Year’s Eve another 49 rescued people and the crew who picked them up [...]

Repubblika: Public figures should lead by example

2018-12-31T17:24:15+01:00Mon, 31st Dec '18, 17:24|

A Repubblika statement issued today: Repubblika believes that persons serving in a public roles should behave in a way that sets a positive example to citizens of Malta and Gozo. Persons in such roles should live their lives according to highest behavioral standards. Our country deserves as much.  Repubblika notes how the behavior of a politician or a public [...]

Before all this started

2018-12-31T09:50:41+01:00Mon, 31st Dec '18, 09:50|

In June 2017 Simon Busuttil decided he would no longer serve as PN leader. History will analyse that decision and its consequences but it's still too close to make a judgement on it. It just is. That week I wrote an article in The Sunday Times about the qualities I wished to see in the [...]

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