Fake news portals carrying paid for pro-Malta government propaganda masked as CNN news

2018-12-06T12:48:01+01:00Thu, 6th Dec '18, 12:48|

Facebook newsfeeds of Maltese users have seen sponsored adverts from a fake-news website called organicdecors.com carrying an image of prime minister Joseph Muscat and appearing to announce "Malta's biggest investment to date". Clicking on the link from the newsfeed takes the reader to a page with the URL www.organicdecors.com. However, the page is made to look [...]

Here’s more on the great guy that Neville Gafa’ stumbled into while on holiday in Tripoli

2018-12-06T11:48:41+01:00Thu, 6th Dec '18, 11:48|

Haytham al-Tajouri (left) seen here with Jalal al-Warshefani his number 2 in the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade. Source: https://specialelibia.it/2018/09/24/esclusiva-faccia-a-faccia-con-jalal-al-warshefani-brigata-dei-rivoluzionari-di-tripoli/ In 2016 the United Nations Panel of Experts on Libya reported to the UN Security Council on the situation in that country and accused Tripoli militia leader Haithem Tajouri of financial fraud and human rights [...]

UK suspending ‘golden visa’ program

2018-12-06T11:09:01+01:00Thu, 6th Dec '18, 11:09|

The UK is suspending its ‘golden visa’ scheme as of tomorrow as part of a clampdown on organised crime and money laundering. The move was announced by UK immigration minister Caroline Nokes. The “tier 1 visa” scheme allowed high net worth individuals willing to invest millions in the UK to get on a fast track [...]

Ten most read

2018-12-06T10:39:14+01:00Thu, 6th Dec '18, 10:30|

This website enters its fourth semester today and as has become customary, here are the top 10 most read stories in the last 6 months since June 6, 2018. Nickie Vella de Fremeaux asks Adrian Delia for separation. Wed, 31st Oct '18, 01:30 Priest convicted of molesting 17 children permitted by Maltese church to say [...]

Safety first

2018-12-06T09:38:47+01:00Thu, 6th Dec '18, 09:38|

George Degiorgio, who's been in jail for just over a year awaiting trial alongside his brother and their friend for executing the order to assassinate Daphne Caruana Galizia, was taken to St James Hospital in Żabbar for some medical complaint yesterday. He was escorted by heavily armed and masked guards wearing bulletproof vests. Fair enough. [...]

Daughter of Huawei founder to be charged with violating US sanctions against Iran – reports

2018-12-06T09:22:41+01:00Thu, 6th Dec '18, 09:22|

Huawei’s finance chief Meng Wanzhou has been arrested in Canada and is being extradited to the USA. Huawei says it does not know what wrongdoing Ms Wanzhou may have committed. But press reports suggest she’s accused of “violating US sanctions on Iran”. Meng, who is one of the vice chairs on the Chinese technology company's [...]

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