Adrian Delia must take control of his fate

2018-12-27T17:40:17+01:00Thu, 27th Dec '18, 17:40|

It is time for Adrian Delia to do some serious thinking. He is not likely to be told this by his advisors. It has long become clear that basic common sense has abandoned the corridors of PN HQ for some time and has been replaced with a siege mentality and the warped understanding of reality [...]

Here’s one to warm the cockles of your heart

2018-12-27T16:19:52+01:00Thu, 27th Dec '18, 16:19|

Thirty-two people rescued from drowning and their 22 rescuers have spent Christmas bobbing in the Mediterranean. Malta, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany shut their doors to them too busy basting their turkeys. This is a statement issued today by Sea-Watch hoping the rescued migrants can see in the new year on land. Five countries [...]

Will this bounce?

2018-12-27T11:50:36+01:00Thu, 27th Dec '18, 11:50|

Air Malta, now flush with money as a result of Konrad Mizzi's able stewardship, made a donation to l-Istrina yesterday. But the amount in text and in digits does not match. Not too reassuring that an airline has less than 20/20 vision.

From the goodness of their heart

2018-12-27T10:44:52+01:00Thu, 27th Dec '18, 10:44|

It happens every year like heartburn after too much roast goose. We wallow in the afterglow of our own generosity, smug with satisfaction at the millions raised at l-Istrina for the Community Chest Fund to be able to compensate for the shortfall in State responsibilities. Let us assume €7 million are enough to bridge those [...]

What to do with ‘Enemies of the State’?

2018-12-27T11:45:15+01:00Thu, 27th Dec '18, 10:09|

Robert Musumeci is rarely limpid in his writings. Inevitably it’s as muddled as his thinking. His conflicted loyalties layered on his convoluted verbosity condition his output. But he was having one of his momentary lapses of clarity when he tweeted his description of critics of the leader of the Nationalist Party: they’re ‘Enemies of the [...]

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