Adrian Delia is a self-fulfilling prophecy

2018-12-30T17:41:58+01:00Sun, 30th Dec '18, 17:39|

How does Adrian Delia deal with accusations by his own wife that he’s a bully? By going on a radio station he only has access to because of his job and bullies anyone daring to speak about it. It’s not the first time the man was in a corner and put on the foaming at [...]

This is what a year ago PN expected of a public official whose wife reported domestic violence over Christmas

2018-12-30T17:41:23+01:00Sun, 30th Dec '18, 17:04|

Look at the rank hypocrisy. On New Years’ Day last year Joe Mikallef splashed this Net News report on how Mario Tonna’s wife filed a police report on 28th December 2017 accusing her husband of head butting her. Mario Tonna was Assistant Commissioner of Police. Mario Tonna’s wife’s police report found its way to Joe [...]

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