Poor Konrad. His rights are breached.

2018-12-14T18:10:00+01:00Fri, 14th Dec '18, 18:10|

Konrad Mizzi thinks his human rights are breached. Now we’ll get the usual non sequitur that he too is a citizen and has as much right to resort to the courts as anyone else. That was his line and the line of his Panama gang colleagues when they appealed a lower court decision to start [...]

The warning from Venice

2018-12-14T17:20:29+01:00Fri, 14th Dec '18, 17:20|

The press is reporting the findings of the Venice Commission into the state of play in Malta and it is also reporting, as it expected to do, the government’s reactions to it. The facile answer from the government is that most of the problems listed by the Commission are in the design of our legal [...]

Trolls made flesh

2018-12-14T09:26:06+01:00Fri, 14th Dec '18, 09:26|

I had to sleep over what happened yesterday because I handled it less well than she does. That woman shouting and swearing on that video was shouting and swearing at my wife, Clemence, who was in Valletta with her son shopping for my Christmas present. She stopped in front of the Memorial for a chat [...]

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