Khadija Ismayil fearing arrest in Azerbaijan

2018-12-19T14:14:15+01:00Wed, 19th Dec '18, 14:14|

Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismayil posted yesterday that she has been warned the Azerbaijan regime may be preparing a criminal case on the back of trumped up charges against her. Khadija Ismayil is a thorn in the side of Aliyev regime and has reported extensively on corruption in her country. She is part of the [...]

Little vikings

2018-12-19T13:55:26+01:00Wed, 19th Dec '18, 13:55|

Protesters are finding that the clearing of the protest site in Great Siege Square, which used to be a daily affair with a sweep by Owen Bonnici’s employees in the dead of night, has now been upgraded to three or more times a day. Just about as soon as you turn away from the site, [...]

Genghis Khan goes to refresher kindergarten assistant course

2018-12-19T11:13:36+01:00Wed, 19th Dec '18, 11:13|

Unlikely? Is it more unlikely than seeing Karl Cini walk into the FIAU for a refresher course on anti-money laundering procedures? That happened yesterday. For real. In August this year, the police are supposed to have interrogated Karl Cini for hours. Although never fully confirmed that interrogation was supposed to be connected with his activities [...]

Repubblika on the Venice Commission report

2018-12-19T10:50:57+01:00Wed, 19th Dec '18, 10:49|

Repubblika Press Release: The report by the Venice Commission, the advisory body of the Council of Europe, reflects Repubblika's concerns about the lack of strong democratic structures in Malta. Having elections every couple of years does not mean having a democracy. Constitutional structures which ensure separation of powers and a strong system of checks and [...]

Star Comment: Identikit Malta

2018-12-19T09:49:38+01:00Wed, 19th Dec '18, 09:49|

Artist Joe Farrugia sent in a comment with an image of artwork of his in reaction to my earlier post on the passport scheme: I read with interest your article about the passport scheme. I am attaching a recent artwork I made about the subject: Indentikit Malta, which I feel captures in some way the [...]

Regulator tells banks not to bother checking money of dodgers buying Maltese passports. Someone stop this madness.

2018-12-19T09:08:31+01:00Wed, 19th Dec '18, 09:05|

There are times when I wonder if I’m the only one to be shocked. And then very quickly I stop caring anymore. Take Carmel Degabriele’s annual report tabled in Parliament this week. He is the regulator of the passport sales program and the law obliges him to report on a yearly basis on the workings [...]

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