THE SUNDAY TIMES: Women of the Year

2018-12-23T08:49:13+01:00Sun, 23rd Dec '18, 08:48|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Now, a year later, the Prime Mi­nister is having to acknowledge the campaign of Occupy Justice, albeit reluctantly. He has painted himself into a corner and has been played by some very smart women. The matters they raised caught the attention of the Council of Europe, and [...]

People don’t understand what a million is

2018-12-23T08:44:04+01:00Sun, 23rd Dec '18, 08:44|

The government refused to give details of how much judges and magistrates will be paid after a new agreement on their conditions comes into force. It’s looking like they’ll be earning something like €100,000 a year which for many people sounds like a lot.  Of course those people are not judges. Nor are they veteran [...]

Lucky him

2018-12-23T08:13:06+01:00Sun, 23rd Dec '18, 08:13|

Malta Today said today Adrian Delia got his Christmas present. His trust ratings have 'shot up' which the newspaper attributes to respondents warming up to the PN's successful strategy of "embracing the Simon Busuttil faction" by taking a strong stand on 17 Black. In other words they tell him the old way works better. Of [...]

NSFW: That must have been a great night out

2018-12-23T07:40:07+01:00Sun, 23rd Dec '18, 07:38|

Here's your Economy Minister under a mistletoe on the Instagram account of Denise Dalton, sometimes known as Holly Harlow. If you're going to google those names I am in duty bound to point out what comes up may be NSFW. Speaking of googling, Ms Dalton clearly did not google Chris Cardona before posting this. This [...]

Not legally obliged to feed the hungry

2018-12-23T07:12:21+01:00Sun, 23rd Dec '18, 07:12|

Source: Sea-watch International The Maltese government is justifying to the rest of the world why it refused a request from around 300 migrants, including pregnant women, children and babies, shivering in the cold Mediterranean Sea and escaping from gunshots, torture and burnings, to provide them with some food. The explanation? Malta is not legally obliged [...]

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