ML AERIS sent this under the post about the daily grind of replacing protest symbols at the Great Siege Memorial because they’re removed by State-employed, State-sponsored or State-mobilised thugs.

Yesterday that State’s lawyers argued I have no legal standing to argue this is a breach of the right of freedom of expression because I didn’t put all the candles and flowers that have been removed there myself.

I’ll leave the response to that for the appropriate forum: the court.

Though from the point of view of everyone else but me that does leave flowers and candles, and padlocks and messages and pictures, the State’s lawyers appear to be taunting them: something on the lines of for every candle removed another Constitutional Case will need to be filed afresh for them to pay any attention to citizens’ complaints.

And someone yesterday said you know you’re free to speak because you’re not beaten in the street. Not that that hasn’t happened.