GUEST POST: Forgetting the point

2019-04-09T17:00:29+02:00Tue, 9th Apr '19, 17:00|

Sent in by someone I know. 2019 The biggest issue on a Sunday in a quaint island in the middle of the Mediterranean is not the fact that there are serious environmental health concerns with people hospitalised in increasing numbers to breathe through a mask. Nor is there a discussion related to the fact that [...]

Wherefore art thou Peter Grech?

2019-04-09T16:20:13+02:00Tue, 9th Apr '19, 16:20|

Peter Grech this morning was an even worse spectacle than his boss, Owen Bonnici. We have come to expect politicians to be utterly bereft of decency. But Peter Grech embodies the moral collapse of our public service which, ironically, he represented so accurately and ineloquently today. In the four years of the past crisis, in [...]

Owen Bonnici turning stones

2019-04-09T16:09:45+02:00Tue, 9th Apr '19, 16:09|

If you watched the Council of Europe session this morning you will have seen Owen Bonnici play his act again of the benevolent absorbent of any criticism cheerfully and indecently agape like a Venus flytrap. ‘We are a reformist government,’ he tells people in the audience who have written or at least read the reports [...]

A soup of moral equivalency

2019-04-09T16:02:44+02:00Tue, 9th Apr '19, 16:02|

When Adrian Delia asked for the Greco report to be debated with “some” urgency in Parliament, Chris Fearne told him his side would be happy to discuss money laundering any time. Of course the Greco report was not about money laundering. That’s the Moneyval report and that’s still a few months away. But it didn’t [...]

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