The tone on Constitutional reform

2019-04-04T16:23:48+02:00Thu, 4th Apr '19, 16:23|

The new President, George Vella, sent an interesting signal today on his thoughts about Constitutional reform. “In spite of the fact that there’s a feeling we need to make changes to the Constitution without delay, I believe we must proceed with caution. Whilst being efficient, it is important for us to avoid undue haste." It’s [...]

‘The First Lady of Kickbackistan’ – Genius

2019-04-04T14:02:41+02:00Thu, 4th Apr '19, 14:02|

When Michelle Muscat waxes melodramatic about her miserable fate, she truly asks for it. The best I could do yesterday was "insipid, solipsistic, self-indulgent, sob story whose idea of music is no better than Jason Micallef’s". Ryan Murdock writing for The Shift News this morning was far more elegantly succinct. He called her "The First [...]

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