GUEST POST: On Air Malta’s financial statements

2019-04-25T18:52:15+02:00Wed, 24th Apr '19, 20:12|

This article reviews Air Malta’s statement of yesterday about their financial statements for 2018. You can read Malta Today's report of that statement here. Sale of landing rights to an associate company – Air Malta insisted that its strategy to transfer the airline’s landing rights to a government company is to give the State sole [...]

Antonio Ricci

2019-04-24T11:04:36+02:00Wed, 24th Apr '19, 11:01|

Malta Today’s editorial of today is absolutely correct. There is no comprehensible basis for the courts to overrule the public interest in knowing that a man living in Malta has been charged in another country of being an ‘Ndranghestista, laundering money for organised crime right here in our midst. Malta Today explains that the ban [...]

Konrad Mizzi lies … about his age

2019-04-24T08:16:37+02:00Wed, 24th Apr '19, 08:08|

The man cannot help it, can he? On the Air Malta in-flight magazine he said he remembers Air Malta’s first ever flights. Air Malta took off in 1974 but the advent of Konrad Mizzi, first of his name, conqueror of Panama, appeaser of kiwis, apostle of the Chinese, purveyor of wine and wassail, incarnate smiley [...]

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