2019-04-23T17:41:19+02:00Tue, 23rd Apr '19, 17:38|

A lot has been made about the billboard wars at the start of the European and local election campaigns of the political parties. Why write a thousand words about it when James Debono says all that needs to be said in 20 words? Sums it up, doesn’t it? I will limit myself to the crap [...]

Pyrrhic victories

2019-04-23T16:31:14+02:00Tue, 23rd Apr '19, 16:31|

The Constitutional Court today opened for business in spite of the Easter holidays to hear an ‘urgent’ plea by Konrad Mizzi filed 15 minutes before the court registry closed last week for the term break. Konrad Mizzi does that. Fifteen minutes before the last Christmas break he filed another of his grand claims to protect [...]

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