LISTEN: Impunity in Malta

2019-04-08T20:26:40+02:00Mon, 8th Apr '19, 20:26|

Listen to this recording of a meeting held today in Strasbourg on the margins of the plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The meeting was headlined “Impunity in Malta” and discussed the state of play 18 months after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The meeting is chaired by Thomas [...]

You can’t harm nothing.

2019-04-08T20:14:03+02:00Mon, 8th Apr '19, 20:14|

Jacob Borg's tweet is factual and elegantly sarcastic. Turning up with a begging bowl outside 17 Black owner's office does not hurt PN's fight against corruption, Opposition leader thinks — Jacob Borg (@BorgJake) April 8, 2019 But you know, Jacob? Adrian Delia is right. There's nothing Herman Schiavone or Kristy Debono or frankly [...]

GUEST POST: We’re fucked, aren’t we?

2019-04-08T19:49:54+02:00Mon, 8th Apr '19, 19:49|

Sent in by someone known to  me: The more I think about this, the stronger is my belief that this country is politically (for lack of a better term) fucked. PNPL or PLPN are more and more morphing into the same arrogant, filthy, greedy, corrupt, assholes - who instead of fighting for the common good [...]

Mephisto’s dinner

2019-04-08T08:17:35+02:00Mon, 8th Apr '19, 08:15|

Read first this rundown on The Shift News of the aftermath of a speech given by Matthew Caruana Galizia at the Perugia journalism festival. The story itself includes a link to the speech. La Repubblica described Matthew Caruana Galizia as the great discovery of the journalism festival. “Bel lavoro, Daphne”. Another job well done by [...]

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