LETTER: On how to vote

2019-04-13T11:59:12+02:00Sat, 13th Apr '19, 11:59|

This was sent in by a reader: Dear Manuel, This is a letter from an avid reader of your blog who would like to remain anonymous . First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for all your efforts in advocating good governance. That Labour will retain four seats is a [...]

GUEST POST: Are we really against corruption?

2019-04-13T11:05:55+02:00Sat, 13th Apr '19, 11:04|

I decided to write these few words after reading Vicki Ann Cremona’s article 'Error of Judgment' in yesterday’s Times of Malta. I also took note of the Facebook comment of Ms Mandy Carly, Kristie Debono’s sister, who seems to find it hard to accept the idea of freedom of speech.   I don’t think I [...]

Reżistenza: Omertà kills. Hope lies with the truth.

2019-04-13T09:10:25+02:00Sat, 13th Apr '19, 09:10|

Reżistenza statement this morning: The Maltese institutions are on their knees, exhausted from a cocktail of incompetence & collusion. Nobody has remained accountable for their actions. After all, once we are in l-aqwa żmien, what shortfalls can anyone find? In 2016, our country lived a pivotal moment. It could have been the beginning of a [...]

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