Premature judgement

2019-04-15T17:47:12+02:00Mon, 15th Apr '19, 17:47|

The government is always warning us not to reach premature judgement. Was the drive-by shooting in Birżebbuġa last week a racially motivated crime? It is ‘irresponsible’ to answer that, we’re told, before such a thing is definitively ascertained by investigators. It’s only the last in a line of truth-dodging defense mechanisms put up by the [...]

The Daily Beast: Rich Russians and Maltese Passports

2019-04-15T14:02:09+02:00Mon, 15th Apr '19, 14:02|

Read this follow-up feature about Russian millionaires buying Maltese passports. The story by Anna Nemtsova includes comments by Ilya Shumanov, the deputy head of Transparency International’s bureau in Moscow that showed The Daily Beast a list of 582 Russians who have bought E.U. passports in Malta just since the beginning of 2018. The group has [...]

The pot and the kettles

2019-04-15T13:45:04+02:00Mon, 15th Apr '19, 13:45|

If the Prime Minister was making any attempt at logic yesterday, his record of contradictions, inconsistencies, gyrations and logical contortions came in his way. It is supremely ironic that he was complaining he could no longer handle other people’s hypocrisies when his are so manifest. He complained about the bible-bashing, procession-going Catholics who are celebrating [...]

Fair and foul journalism

2019-04-15T12:46:08+02:00Mon, 15th Apr '19, 12:46|

Last October I wrote a piece ‘Journalism most foul, he said’ on this blog. I wrote it in response to an article published in the Sunday Times of Malta the day before, authored by the newspaper’s former editor, Steve Mallia. As I had written in my article, I never wanted to use my blog to [...]

The heading says it all

2019-04-15T11:05:33+02:00Mon, 15th Apr '19, 11:04|

Rightly or wrongly, the PN has placed itself in direct confrontation with the independent media. Its last remaining pen-holding sympathisers either work for it or work for the Labour Party with whom it shares many interests. When Saviour Balzan is your attorney, your days are numbered. When the Times of Malta rolls out an editorial [...]

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