The Greco report is not about legacy laws. It’s about the cover up protecting Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi.

2019-04-02T18:47:03+02:00Tue, 2nd Apr '19, 15:17|

The Council of Europe ‘group of states against corruption’ (Greco) wanted to leave no ambiguity. “Malta has on paper an impressive arsenal of public institutions involved in check and balance” and to prevent corruption against ministers and senior government officials. BUT: “their effectiveness is being questioned as the country was confronted in recent years with [...]

Not pirates. But are they terrorists?

2019-04-02T14:27:59+02:00Tue, 2nd Apr '19, 14:27|

Photo: Mission Lifeline There was some legal discussion about the incorrect use of the term “piracy” in the case of the El Hiblu 1 rescued passengers who got the captain of the ship to sail towards Malta. The term was wrongly used by the Maltese armed forces and by Matteo Salvini. In simple [...]

Come on George Vella, let’s see you do this

2019-04-02T14:05:21+02:00Tue, 2nd Apr '19, 14:05|

One of Zuzana Caputova's first acts as President-elect of Slovakia was to visit the street memorial for Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova and join the people's demand for truth and justice for an assassinated journalist and his fiancee. She lit a candle there. It makes sense of course. Slovakia elected a civil rights and [...]

Il Corriere della Sera: Malta’s double bluff

2019-04-02T14:11:09+02:00Tue, 2nd Apr '19, 13:41|

Read this feature on Il Corriere della Sera that grasps the irony of the fuss Malta makes every time a migrant ship comes anywhere near Malta but then employs thousands of migrants that come down from Italy and employed on terms only slightly better than slavery. Migrants that land in Italy often hear they can [...]

‘Everyone should be free to express themselves without fear of physical harm’ – Court

2019-04-02T13:39:39+02:00Tue, 2nd Apr '19, 13:39|

The Magistrates Court today underlined the right of anyone to express themselves freely without fear of physical harm. Magistrate Joe Mifsud was specifically speaking of the right of protesters to lay symbols like flowers and candles at the Great Siege Memorial in protest after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. He made the remarks after [...]

Grim reapers

2019-04-02T06:11:03+02:00Tue, 2nd Apr '19, 06:11|

The government — today through Ministers Owen Bonnici, Edward Scicluna and Helena Dalli — is rolling out unopposed the strategy of twisting the Council of Europe reports into Malta, discrediting them and at the same time exploiting them as an opportunity to continue to crush democratic liberties in this country.  Various institutions of the main [...]

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