Italian journalist Sandro Ruotolo who is in Malta as a representative of the Italian union of journalists has posted on Facebook his experience yesterday night outside and insight the office of Malta’s prime minister.

This is my translation: “Malta is under shock. During the night Keith Schembri, former chief of staff to the prime minister, exited the criminal investigation. Last night there were scuffles right outside the office of the government. After the prime minister’s night time press conference we journalists were detained in the government building. During last night truth and justice for Daphne were farther away from us.

“We were one step away from truth, but political power has hit back. Paolo Borrometti, Andrea Esposito who has filmed everything with his camera, and myself have witnessed what happened last night in Malta. This will be a night we will never forget. We saw in the square Matthew and Paul, two of Daphne’s sons, we saw Helene holding Daphne’s picture, we saw young people handled roughly by the police. That was a scene we will never forget. Europe cannot remain silent. In Malta today people will protest again. This story cannot be, must not be allowed to end without justice for all the masterminds behind Daphne’s killing.”