If there’s someone who knows who did what, that has to be Karl Cini. He seems likely to be at the bottom of the food-chain but he knows most things about most people.

He was in Panama at the Mossack Fonseca office just before the March 2013 election laying out the roadmap for his crooked bosses. He was on the phone with his Panama buddies telling them who to assign Egrant to. He had already told them about Keith Schembri’s and Konrad Mizzi’s companies. He set up the New Zealand trusts those companies would be folded in.

Karl Cini’s Nexia BT drew up the government’s report on what sort of power station to buy in 2013. His business partner Brian Tonna (the unspoken mastermind of this corrupt arrangement) supervised the call for offers for a new power-station. He evaluated the bids that came in. All the while he was lining up Nexia BT as auditors for GEM holdings, the consortium between the Fenechs and the Gasans and the Apap Bolognas.

Karl Cini followed up with his Panama colleagues the world hunt for bank accounts from Keith Schembri’s and Konrad Mizzi’s companies. He wrote that they would be receiving $5,000 a day from 17 Black and MacBridge. So he must also know how owns MacBridge.

He’s done enough for his career to be over and to face a very long time in jail for money laundering. But he also has a deep understanding of a criminal conspiracy involving people much more powerful than him. This is the same criminal conspiracy that was covered up by an assassination of a journalist who got close to breaking it.

I do not hold the brief for Karl Cini. I think it is despicable for anyone to think they can live their life keeping that sort of knowledge to themselves while their country falls apart around them. It is greed without remorse.

But if someone is thinking who might be a useful witness on the back of an immunity deal to uncover the masterminds of this crime, someone should be knocking on his door.