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Since I uploaded the below posts Franco Fenech deleted his own Facebook profile. That is why the link to his own Facebook post discussed in this blogpost is now broken. Before I uploaded the story I took the precaution of taking a screenshot of the relevant post. You’ll find it in all its glory at the bottom of the post.

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With my bro….:)

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This is a Facebook post from 4 June 2017 on Franco Fenech’s page. Franco Fenech is widely deemed the less smart brother. But while Yorgen was planning his escape or waiting for his staged arrest it is to Franco that Yorgen handed over his directorships of the Tumas family empire.

When the outcome of the 2017 election was known, Franco Fenech expressed his relief. “It is about time to respect democracy and stop the useless hate”. That was addressed to you who on 5 June thought that just because Labour won the election did not mean it was ok for Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri to have Panama companies.

Franco Fenech thought it was ok. Hardly surprising. He tagged his friend Keith Schembri in his Facebook post and wrote about “the cheap and useless hate campaign against Keith Schembri, who is a husband and father too and has been through a lot lately yet he kept working and working for the Maltese population. I’ve known Keith since we were little kids, with no involvement in politics he built a very successful business, does anyone still believe this man is in politics for his personal gain? Come on we are more intelligent than that. Prosit Keith.”

Yeah. Right.

If Yorgen Fenech were to be charged with murder, if he were to be convicted – big ifs, of course – the profits Yorgen Fenech is alleged to have sought to protect with murder will continue to flow to his brother. Like nothing ever happened.

And Keith Schembri (and Konrad Mizzi he who knows nothing), immune of the cheap and useless hate campaign against them, will, if Franco Fenech and Joseph Muscat have their way continue cashing in their underhand and illegal deals. Like nothing ever happened.

“Malta pride of Europe,” says Franco Fenech. “Malta pride of the world. We should all be united towards that goal.”

Yep, let’s start with you getting a proper job instead of cashing on our excess payments on our electricity bills shall we, Franco Fenech?

These people want to teach us the meaning of democracy.


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Angel of death…. TORNADO X

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