Updated 08:47

There’s a good chance the ‘Robert Musumeci’ posts on Twitter that I wrote about below are from a fake profile. If they are, Robert Musumeci should say so. The possibility has been suggested to me by people fooled by the possibly fake profile before me. The fact is that they are not too far from what Robert Musumeci would happily say. If it is indeed a fake profile, do yourself a favour man, and tell Twitter to remove it. You don’t want to give your imitator a bad reputation with what you really think and say.

Updated 10:24

Robert Musumeci (the real one? who knows?) posted this on his Facebook account 42 minutes ago:

Meantime here follows the original story that got him to post this:

Look at this tweet by Robert Musumeci.

He starts out with a law lesson: “Right to silence has nothing to do with guilty by default”. Yep, in a court room that’s the case.  But out here we can make our own inferences about a person in high political office refusing to testify in a libel suit brought by himself in his own defence from the accusation of bribery and corruption on the grounds that he would incriminate himself. It’s not suggested that Keith Schembri is convicted ipso facto. It is however argued in the loudest terms that Keith Schembri should resign immediately so that the institutions – the police, the prosecutor and the courts – can positively try him on the grounds he has plainly admitted exist.

But then he says “the enemies of the state” are telling you Keith Schembri is guilty by default. Someone challenged him.

‘Who you calling enemy of the state?’ (Do you remember the Arnold Jackson character from Diff’rent Strokes (1978)? Ask that question as he would.)

Then he answers like this:

Is this sarcasm? Is it a drug induced stream of consciousness trip in the sky with diamonds? Is it blabbering because, as they say, in vino veritas?

Let’s break it down shall we? What the fuck is a Zinzerna? I tried googling it because, you know, Google is my friend. Google didn’t know. There’s a video game character with a similar (though not identical name).

Is this how you fantasize about Joseph Muscat? Hey Robert, were you tweeting with your left hand whilst wanking? Was your judgement clouded?

Here’s another one. He is the Ying to Mintoff’s Yang. What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean? They’re symbiotic across generations? They have time travel sex? Have they been through the Jupiter-orbiting monolith from 2001? If Mintoff is the Yang of anything, the Ying would be the Dalai Lama. Is Joseph Muscat the Dalai bloody Lama?

And he refers to Joseph Muscat as “out (sic) great Emperor”. Is this your idea of sarcasm, Robert Musumeci? What does this make you, the Führer’s architect? Herr Albert Speer?

I measure your understanding of the term “state” on the same scale that you measure Joseph Muscat as an “Emperor”. It is clear to me that what bubbles on the surface of your sleep-talking and the hints you give from your lunatic rants as you bash yourself against the padded walls of the cell that lines the mushy slush that passes for that brain of yours, tell us all that as far as you’re concerned the ‘Emperor’ is the ‘state’. Joseph is Malta and Malta is Joseph.

We disagree. We believe in the State and we don’t believe in Emperors. We don’t believe in Zinzernas either, whatever those are. And we definitely don’t believe in cross-temporal symbioses with tinpot dictators from the darker pages of our short history.

You may project us as the State’s enemies. We’re its most ardent defenders from the likes of you. Scratch that. There’s no one like you. We’re defending it from those mad enough to think you’re sane.