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GUEST POST: Corruption by authority

2022-11-02T09:23:26+01:00Wed, 2nd Nov '22, 09:23|

I have held a number of high-profile positions, mainly abroad, but I have never, ever been paid a salary which is higher than that of my employer or superiors, even though on occasion my qualifications and experience exceeded by far those of my employer or superiors. This is because the buck stops with them. They [...]

GUEST POST: The morphing of Joseph Muscat

2022-01-23T09:13:51+01:00Sun, 23rd Jan '22, 09:13|

In his interview with the Times of the 23rd August 2021, Joseph Muscat said “I am an economist. I give economic advice, I provide advisory services to people both locally and internationally. I look at trends in their industries, strategies in their sectors and advice on how they can perfect them”. I did not know [...]

GUEST POST: Of statesmen and politicians

2021-12-05T09:40:27+01:00Sun, 5th Dec '21, 09:40|

American theologian and author James Freeman Clarke (1810-1888) posited that the difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman thinks about the next generations. Over the years, Malta has had its fair share of statesmen who had the foresight and the wisdom to pull [...]

GUEST POST: The age of the mediocre

2021-11-28T17:04:23+01:00Sun, 28th Nov '21, 17:04|

We are living in the age of the mediocre. Our scorn for mediocrity blinds us to its vast primitive power. We stand in the glare of our superior intelligence unable to see into the dim lights of the room, to dilate our eyes and see the potential danger of the masses. We cannot quite believe [...]

GUEST POST: I am angry

2021-08-05T13:51:40+02:00Thu, 5th Aug '21, 13:51|

I am angry. No scratch that. I am beyond angry. I am livid. I am livid and mad at what is happening to my country. I am angry at the forces in my country that have created a society that only works for the favoured few. A culture with an agenda of greed, and the [...]

GUEST POST: A sunny place for shady characters

2021-06-30T08:32:55+02:00Wed, 30th Jun '21, 08:32|

I held back from writing about the FATF’s decision to grey-list Malta because others, more competent and more qualified in the subject matter than I am or will ever be, have explained in detail and will no doubt further amplify what brought us to this point, what awaits us and how to mitigate what awaits [...]

GUEST POST: I’m Glad I’m a Nobody

2021-06-03T10:47:54+02:00Thu, 3rd Jun '21, 10:47|

Some 25 years ago, my father was approached to contest the elections as a candidate for one of the two main parties. It made sense because my father was a very well respected professional and at the time his regular clientele covered most of what is today known as the Northern Harbour District. So picture [...]

GUEST POST: Bob’s your uncle

2021-03-29T09:10:09+02:00Mon, 29th Mar '21, 09:08|

Photo: Mark Zammit Cordina / Times of Malta When that affront to politics and politicians Joseph Muscat returned to Malta to set up his so-called “movement” a friend of mine quipped “the only good movement is a bowel movement”. He was right. Joseph Muscat did not set up a movement. He set up [...]

GUEST POST: Einstein and Clyde

2021-02-05T07:22:12+01:00Fri, 5th Feb '21, 07:22|

Newly minted minister for the Finance Clyde Caruana reportedly said that his predecessor Edward Scicluna, raised the remuneration of the Governor of the Central Bank by €11,000 to €100,000 per annum because of relativity and not because Scicluna was manoeuvring to slither into this position once he’d resigned from ministerial office. Now that’s a new [...]


2021-02-02T09:41:57+01:00Tue, 2nd Feb '21, 09:41|

I don’t like Robert Abela. It’s nothing personal. I don’t know the man, never met him, never spoke to him. Probably never will. We move in different circles. He walks the corridors of power flanked by people with fancy whimsical names like Clayton, Clifton, Clint, Clyde, Byron, Aaron and of course, the one and only [...]

GUEST POST: Atlas shrugged

2020-11-17T17:13:21+01:00Tue, 17th Nov '20, 17:13|

Robert Abela and his underlings have in recent days had multiple orgasms cutting ribbons and inaugurating unfinished roads, bridges and other infrastructural projects. Basically, this is how it works. The prime minister, accompanied by ministers, parliamentary secretaries and various chairpersons who were in some way or another peripherally involved in the project meet on site. [...]

GUEST POST: It’s like déjà vu all over again

2020-07-28T08:20:26+02:00Tue, 28th Jul '20, 08:20|

So Adrian Delia has reportedly declared that in the event that the General Council decides to hold an election for the leadership of the PN, he will contest the election. Now this begs the question – will he be allowed to take part in the election? According to a recent press release by the PN, [...]

GUEST POST: The good guys wore white hats

2020-07-14T06:39:51+02:00Tue, 14th Jul '20, 06:39|

My grandfather was a great fan of cowboy movies and my siblings and I were regularly treated to matinee shows watching John Wayne, Alan Ladd, Robert Mitchum, James Stewart, Kirk Douglas and others outdrawing, outshooting and thrashing sundry villains like Eli Wallach, Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine. According to my grandfather, until Sergio Leone and [...]


2019-12-07T08:16:25+01:00Sat, 7th Dec '19, 08:15|

The antonym for Invictus, the word that the Kink has vain-gloriously had tattooed on his arm, is Victus – loser. Victus has been snubbed by the majority of the members of his cabinet who are pressing him to resign sooner rather than later. They seek to elect a leader who we hope will get rid [...]

GUEST POST: Et tu Keith?

2019-12-05T08:13:42+01:00Thu, 5th Dec '19, 08:13|

So I read that Joseph Muscat, Miriam Dalli and Owen Bonnici declared that they felt betrayed by Keith Schembri. Robert Abela allegedly told Joseph Muscat “dak il-kornut fottiek” and the members of the cabinet present at the 6 hour meeting called to decide on whether or not to grant a pardon to Yorgen Fenech were [...]

GUEST POST: The Kakistocracy

2019-12-01T08:56:28+01:00Sun, 1st Dec '19, 08:56|

Corruption, money and greed own this country. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a government of corrupt politicians, by corrupt politicians, and for corrupt politicians. Our leaders are frauds and liars. They are corrupt, rapacious, vile, and lead by deception. They think that they [...]

GUEST POST: Money talks and bullshit walks

2019-04-27T09:56:38+02:00Thu, 25th Apr '19, 16:36|

The term “Political Correctness” is used to describe language, policies or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society. So people who are short are “vertically challenged”, people who are blind or myopic are “visually impaired”, people who are hard of hearing or deaf are “hearing impaired”, [...]

GUEST POST: The Enemy Within

2018-11-26T18:53:08+01:00Mon, 26th Nov '18, 09:21|

Guest Post: Behind the facade of our government are a bunch of corporate controlled Mafiosi running the country. These Mafiosi and their minions, ostensibly elected from the people, by the people, for the people are the real enemies. The enemy within. This government is corrupt. It is profit and self-interest driven and not driven to [...]

GUEST POST: Keep calm and call Edward

2018-10-09T16:44:37+02:00Tue, 9th Oct '18, 16:44|

By Charmaine Spiteri: Iced Buns It has been reported in the media that former Parliamentary Secretary Deborah Schembri, who failed to get elected in the last election earns about €160,000 a year through public contracts awarded to her by direct orders. In the contract with Identity Malta, she is required to go through 50 files [...]

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