Everyone is saying it now. Everyone except it seems anyone who wants to be part of the government after Christmas.

Former President Marie Louise Coleiro yesterday said “anyone involved in Daphne’s murder must leave now”. She did not exempt Joseph Muscat.

Marlene Mizzi just posted on Facebook calling on Joseph Muscat to leave immediately.

These are not people who voted PN in 2017. These are not people who voted PN ever.

These are not “the holier than thou”. These are not “the Daphne crowd”.

These are people decent enough to draw the line at murder. Decency over greed. Humanity over party loyalty. Country over party.

In refusing to listen to them Joseph Muscat persists in confirming that he is not free to decide. He is an agent of the mafia that put him there and is forcing him to stay until they can orchestrate his replacement.